Tattoo Art

Please Read!

As you may be aware, there have been some interesting side effects happening with the Covid vaccines.  Some are not feeling well, some are breaking out in pretty severe rashes and some are experiencing blood clots.

Why am I posting this?  A tattoo is technically an injury and the healing can be impacted by these reactions.

Most are reacting within a few days, some are up to two weeks out (although this is less common).

If you have a vaccine appointment within a week or so of your tattoo appointment, please reach out to me so we can discuss this.

Be safe everyone!


Thinking of getting a:     Wrist,  hand,  finger,  elbow,  foot  or  behind  the  ear  tattoo?

*Please Note:   We will only provide finger/hand tattoos for existing clients and their referrals.

Colorful Work

Some vibrant.  Some muted.  Some with just a hint of color.  Lots of ways to incorporate color!

High Contrast / Sketch Style

Examples of Cover-ups/Fix-ups

Breast Cancer Scar Coverage

This tattoo is freshly inked.  The colors will settle in, and more detail will be seen, as it heals.
Example of a healed scar tattoo.

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