What is 2021 going to bring for us? A big move!

Our New Location!

43 Railroad Street
Some of you already know that I had been thinking of this move in 2020.  Then...Covid.  As you can see by the above picture, this building needs extensive rehabbing.  2020 is just not cooperating.  I also had big decisions to make as we are in such unknown times.  But the decision has been made and we are moving forward!

If you can picture how beautiful this building will be when it's done!  I love rehabbed old mills!  
Commercial on the first floor and sublevel.  High end, small footprint living above, as well as two rooftop units. HUGE windows, original brick and hardwood floors.  So much charm!

The Art Den will be on the first floor, front corner unit - overlooking our beautiful, old train station and all the activity and events of our up and coming Main Street area.  As many of you know, I barely have a view in my current location, so this is a big deal to me!

There are some other, really neat, small businesses coming into the building as well.  We will all be complimentary of one another and it will be a really cool environment!  (I will let them announce when they are ready).

We Aren't Moving Far!

As you can see by the aerial map, we are moving, literally, around the corner.  The orange circle is our current location.  The yellow star is the new one, on Railroad Street.

This makes me really happy.  I have grown to love this end of Main Street and it's become a second home to me.  Not only do I frequent Chan's (for shows and food), Thai Garden, Ciro's, The Stadium Theater, etc., but my clients do as well.  It's been really nice to have everything within walking distance and getting to know all the owners and staff at these establishments has been great.  We've become like a little family here and I would not want to do without that.

What is Changing?

In some part, absolutely nothing.  We will still provide the same private, clean, friendly environment.  I have loved my space on Main Street, but I designed to what was available to me.  Four years later, I know what works and what needs tweaking.  I am now able to do that.

The most significant change:  I have designed out a separate suite for myself, within the studio.  

~ For tattoo clients - over the years, my scar/anomaly clientele has really grown.  With that, my reputation as a private, professional studio has grown as well.  Many book, not because they have scars, but because they just want privacy during their tattoo sessions.  Although my space in our current building is quite private, this will be even more so.  Your privacy matters to me!

~ For graphic design and commission clients:  My office will be much larger and I will now have a conference area within the office, versus a separate room.  I feel that this flow will be much smoother.

As far as the Gallery goes, it will be smaller and for a few different reasons.  As much as I have loved all the events we have held, the more we grew, the more difficult it had become to shut down our every day operations in order to hold said events.  Also, we have not been able to use the Gallery for over nine months of 2020 and who knows where 2021 is going to bring us.  It has been heartbreaking to look at space that I am unable to utilize.

So what are we going to do with our new Gallery space?  My main goal is to help showcase local artisans on a regular basis.  We will be selling and showcasing the wares of these locals artists.  More to come on that as the time gets closer!

When is this Happening?

Good question.  We are hoping by March, but we are at the mercy of Covid.  I will keep everyone posted as I know more.